About us


30 Years of

Champ Design was established in 1992, professionalized in research, manufacture, product ODM, and selling of water dispensing and treatment products. Approximately 70% of water contact plastic parts are made in Champ design factory to reach quality and hygiene standard of plastic part perfectly. Champ design also have automatic assembly line, and testing line to produce the major parts of each dispenser on our own with testing equipment and instrument. We also obtained certifications such as CE, ETL, EMC, ROHS, NSF, and etc.


The designs of products
are original.

With a crew of expert engineers, product designers and high tech R&D facilities, we successfully developed and produced innovative products, such as ET filter, UV circulation system, leak detecting system, energy saving system, direct chilling system, sparkling/soda water dispensers and instant UV sterilization system. Champ design is professionalized in producing soda water dispenser in water treatment field. We have put an effort on improving the convenience and safety of our products in order to meet the international hygiene standard. In the year of 2007, our product, CW-798 (Bonnie), won the Reddot Design Award of Germany. This has brought a worldwide recognition to our brand, CHARM, as well as a good reputation to Champ Design. The designs of our products are original.

Redefine Water Dispensers

We own injection machines to produce plastic outer cases and 70% of plastic parts. From filtration to chilling and heating systems, all products have been produced under modularization. We are now the biggest manufacturer of water dispensers in Taiwan, with markets mainly over Europe and U.S. World quality is the goal we aim for and so is a promise we make to the customers.




Champ Design Was Established
Developed First Water Dispenser & Started Water Treatment Business
First Sparkling Water Model was developed.
Developed the UV Sterilization System
5 in 1 Multi-functional Faucet Launched