RO filtration system


Filtration System

4-Stage Water Filtration System

1st Stage - PP sediment:

Remove the rust and silt which may affect the taste and clarity of water


2nd Stage - Activated Carbon: 

Reduces chloramines, chlorine and other materials that may cause bad taste and odors


3rd Stage - 100 GPD RO Membrane: 

Removes TDS, sodium and a wide range of harmful contaminants such as pesticides, lead, arsenic, perchlorate, chromium, copper and radium effectively 


4th Stage - Post Carbon: 

Made with high quality coconut carbon to improve the taste of water



Tool-free Replaceable Filter

Filters are designed as a completed system which allows user to withdraw from casing easily and no tools needed.


Automatic water & power off system: Cuts off water and power immediately when the filtration system is removed for replacing filters


Tool-free filter replacement makes filter change quick and easy with no complicated procedures


Model M104UR
Size 23(W) x 39(D) x 39(H) cm
Color White/Silver, Black/Silver
Storage tank 8 Liter stainless steel pressure storage tank
Voltage AC 110 / 220v
Water supply Ambient water
Maximum inlet water pressure 80 psi
Water/CO2 inlet pipe size 1/4 inch (6.35 mm)