Multifunctional Faucet



●  One faucet does it all

●  Dispense 5 types of water from 1 faucet

●  Left (Rotate Controller) - cold / sparkling / hot (ambient) water

●  Right (Handle) - Domestic Water (unfiltered normal and hot)

●  Made with SUS 304 stainless steel for durable and long-lasting elegance




Color change for Different Water Selection


Blue :  Controller is locked, no dispensing

Red :  Dispensing hot water 

Light blue :  Dispensing cold water

Green :  Dispensing sparkling water

Purple :  Heating in process


► Blinking Red Light : Safety lock for hot water
Rotate the knob to hot water again within 3 seconds to dispense

Product code F201-U-BK
Color Matt Black
Product name C Shape 5 in 1 Multi-functional Faucet 
Size 32.6 cm height
Opreation method Rotation controller


Hole-drilling size: Φ 32 ~ 35 mm

Please find the area on the table that is more than 50 mm away from the wall to drill the hole.