Free standing


cold water
hot water
safety lock
Leak Detector
UV System
Filtration System

Durable and Useful 

► Adjustable cold water temperature function.

► UV circulation system

► 4-stage Reverse Osmosis system or filtration system may be included

 (1st activated carbon filter/2nd PP sediment filter/3rd 50/75GPD reverse osmosis membrane/4th post carbon filter)

► Direct chill system (optional)

► 25 cm high dispensing gap

► Safety lock for hot water tap

► Large inner space for additional storage tank (8 liter) to increase the reservoir volume up to 13.5 liter

► Digital indication panel


Model CW-698
Size 33(W) x 35(D) x 110(H) cm
Color Silver, Black
Water options Cold/HotCold/Ambient
Chilling capacity up to 20 liters per hour
Heating capacity up to 12 liters per hour
Sparkling capacity up to 20 liters per hour
Cold water tank volume 3.5 L
Hot water tank volume 2 L
Voltage 110v / 220v
Power consumption Hot water 500w / Cold water 100w
Working inlet water pressure 16 to 80 psi
Water inlet pipe size 1/4 inch (6.35 mm)