Sparkling Water


Cold Water
Sparkling Water
Hot Water
ambient water
Safety Lock
Touch Panel
Leak Detector
UV Sterilization
Touchless Sensor




High Performance UV Instant Disinfection

Designed to locate near the outlet with instant start system to make sure water is fully sterilized before dispense. Replaceable high efficiency UV light eliminates 99.9% of germs without increasing water temperature or affecting the taste of cold and sparkling water due to heat generated from continuously on UV light.


The Tool-free Twin Filter

Tool-free twist to replace filters allow users to change filters in less than 20 seconds


1st stage Carbon - reduces chloramines, chlorine and other materials that cause bad taste and odors


2nd stage Nano-Silver Carbon - absorbs chemicals, bad smell, heavy metals/pesticides and eliminates bacteria from the water




Touch Operation Panel

Silky smooth water selection panel for water dispense with a gentle touch


Wide Dispensing Area

Big dispensing opening to fit cups or bottles up to 25cm high.

Blue LED light make water filling possible even in the dark.


Model M103
Size 23(W) x 40(D) x 40(H) cm
Color White/Silver, Black/Silver
Water options Cold/Hot/Sparkling, Cold/Ambient/Sparkling, Cold/Hot/Ambient
Chilling capacity up to 20 liters per hour
Heating capacity up to 12 liters per hour
Sparkling tank capacity 3.5 liter
Hot tank capacity 1.5 liter
Voltage AC 110v / 220v
Power Consumption Hot water 500W / Cold Water 100W
Working inlet water pressure 16 to 80 psi 
Water/CO2 inlet pipe size 1/4 inch (6.35 mm)