touch panel

Touch panel with current hot water temperature and ECO mode


Temperature / ECO display :
Adjustable hot water temperature to select from 80º, 90º and

even 100º for different usages


Setting Button :
Convenient for hot water re-heating and temperature selection

Product code F101-NC-GO
Color Vintage Gold
Product name C Shape Multi-purpose Faucet
Opreation method Touch button
Material SUS304
Pipe Dimension

Cold/Sparkling/Ambient water pipe: Φ 6.35 mm 

Hot water pipe: Φ 5.5 x 8.5 mm


F101-NC-Go Dimension (mm)




Hole-drilling size: Φ 25~ 32 mm

Please find the area on the table that is more than 50 mm away from the wall to drill the hole.