ET Filter (short)

ET Filter (Twist in/off)

  • Filters available for selection:
  • •  PP Sediment: Remove rust and silt that may affect the taste and clarity of water
  • •  Granular Carbon: Reduce chloramines, chlorine and other materials which are harmful to health 
  • •  Carbon Block: Hgh quality carbon block removes free chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and other organic chemicals that contribute to bad taste and odor
  • •  Nano Silver Carbon Block: Carbon block with nano silver for high strength antibacterial function and harmful chemical absorption
  • •  Scale Control Filter: Blocking iron and hardness to prevent scaling and precipitation reactions in water
  • •  Hollow Fiber Membrane (UF): Hollow Fiber Technology which water may run through its semi permeable membrane for fresh clean water with dissolved minerals
  • •  (Optional) Customized Filter: Select the filter media required


Part ET Filter (short)
Maximum Flow 0.75 GPM
Maximun Pressure 125 PSI
Service Life 2000 GAL
Maximum temperature 100°F / 38°C